Sunday, December 23, 2012

Old Year/New Year - Finishes and Beginnings!

Merry Christmas and the happiest of New Years to everyone!  Thanks to my phenomenal customers for a great 2012.  Please use up all that thread so you'll need more!

I'm hoping to do a last-week-of-the-year concentration to get some quilting projects done to add to my list of completions for the year.  I keep my quilt projects in an Excel spreadsheet...compulsive, I know, but it works for me!  I'm an old data pusher...

Look for more thread info and tips from the Threadmonger in 2013.  I have enjoyed the feedback I get from my little editorials and I hope they are of value to you!

On January 6 I'll be doing a demo at Fidalgo Island Quilters' University on "Binding Your Best - perfect corners".  A great way to start the new year!