Friday, November 22, 2019

2019 was a great quilting year!

THANKS to all my customers, friends, and guilds who made 2019 a great year for quilting and THREADMONGERS!  It's time to hunker down and quilt until February when the Kitsap Quilters have the first guild quilt show in the region.  Threadmongers will be there! 

Watch this space for a 2020 schedule, to be posted soon. 

In the meantime, please have a safe and delightful holiday season and remember...

Your friends all want THREAD for Christmas!

Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Block Party Quilters show November 8-9-10!

The guild quilt show season in this region is drawing to a close - and the Block Party Quilters always put on a PARTY of a show!

Threadmongers will be there, along with some other popular vendors and some new ones, too!

What fun it is to enjoy the beautiful Issaquah Community Center and the hospitality of the BPQ'ers.  And these members know how to quilt!  You'll be amazed and inspired by their talent.  

So much to see and do at this show.  Come early, stay late.  And get ready for that winter quilting that you have planned.  And, oh, YOU need thread!

Here's the link:
"Return to our Roots"

Sunday, October 6, 2019

PNW Quilt and Fiber Arts Museum show October 11-13, 2019!

Time for us to see what the PNW museum has in store for us this year!

This juried show is always fun and interesting and inspirational!

Now located at the Hansen Conference Center in downtown Everett, the venue is beautiful and a great place for the classes offered by the show!

Three special exhibits plus 350 entries from across the US and four countries!

Check the web page for instructions on how to buy an advance ticket online.

Here's the link:

Threadmongers will be there with lots of quilting, piecing, applique, and embellishment  threads for you.  Always discounted prices and always the premium threads that quilters crave!

See you this weekend!

Thursday, October 3, 2019

West Sound Quilters are ready for you! October 4-5

So much quilting going on in the Bremerton metro area!  So the West Sound Quilters are putting on their annual show this weekend at President's Hall in the Kitsap County Fairgrounds!

You'll enjoy their "Community Stars" theme with lots of quilts and artistic endeavors from local folks - maybe you know some of them! 

Threadmongers will be there!  As winter approaches, you KNOW you need thread for those long winter nights when you'll be quilting by firelight!  Seems like that calls for glow-in-the-dark thread...!

Your holiday season projects and gifts need the best and most beautiful threads.  Come and see what I have for you!

Here's the link:

See you this weekend!

Monday, September 16, 2019

Sea Pals annual quilt show Sept. 20-22, 2019!

Those Sea Pals are putting together another GREAT show for you!  They have one of the BEST venues in the state with a great space, perfect parking, and the OCEAN!  What more do you need? 

They consistently have a wonderful quilt show every year with an enormous member boutique, vendors, delicious lunch available, and lots of seagoing inspiration.  

Come on out to Ocean Shores this weekend and join in the fun.  Three days of it!

You know Threadmongers will be there.  Winter is coming - you need thread!!

Here's the link:

Thursday, September 5, 2019

Threadmongers' schedule for September- October - November 2019!

Here we go with the last round of quilt shows for the year!  Looking forward to these great shows and seeing quilty friends!

Remember, it's going to be a long winter, and you need to stock up on thread!!!

September 20-21-22    Sea Pals Quilt Guild
                                     "A Whale of a Quilt Show"
                                    Ocean Shores

October 4-5         West Sound Quilters
                            "Community Stars"

October 11-12-13      Pacific Northwest Quilt and Fiber Arts Museum
                                   "Quilt and Fiber Art Festival"
                                   Edward Hansen Conference Center, Everett WA

November 8-9-10      Block Party Quilters

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Eastside Quilters in Bellevue! August 15th.

Thursday, August 15th, I'm giving a program for the Eastside Quilters that is an overview of Thread by Weight and Fiber Content.  It's my most-requested program! 

So I'm looking forward to seeing all those Eastside folks and maybe a few visitors.

Yes, I'm bringing THREAD for sale.  Not everything that I take to quilt shows because that involves about a three-hour setup and a two-hour breakdown.  But I'm bringing a LOT and we will discuss the various uses for the various weights and fibers.

My next quilt show after this will be the Sea Pals of Ocean Shores, September 20-22.  With more to come!  Check back on this blog for my fall schedule.

You need to stock up on thread!