Monday, August 17, 2015

2015 Skagit County Fair - I won ribbons!

What fun to say that the two pieces I entered in our local Skagit County Fair were well-received by a judge and won ribbons!  here they are:

This miniature pineapple is about 10 inches square and foundation pieced on paper.  I had always wanted to make a red and white quilt and to make a pineapple - so I thought that combining those two objectives was a great idea!  Well, at 61 pieces per took me a LONG time to complete it!! 

The whites and reds are all scrappy.  Foundation piecing on paper for pineapples is a sew-and-flip method, but you MUST sew them in the numbered order! 

I used white Invisafil as the top thread and prewound Deco-Bob bobbins.  Invisafil is a 100 weight poly and Deco-Bob is the 80 weight poly, both from Wonderfil.  With these tiny pieces I wanted to use the thinnest thread possible to make sure I wasn't bulking up the seams with thread.  I also quilted it, minimally, with the same combination.  Judge loved it!  Best of Class. 

Here's my other winner:

This table runner pattern is "The Sun Bathers" by Letitia Hutchings.  I took a little artistic license with the ends, because I liked a clean finish. 
I had fun using lots of thread on this one!
Walruses are quilted and blanket stitched (by machine) with Invisafil (purple) and Bottom Line 60 weight poly (gold). The eyes are beads.  The "whiskers" are a result of fussy cutting the batik fabric. 
The water is quilted in ripples with a beautiful turquoise metallic thread from Hemmingworth.
Invisafil or Deco-Bob in the bobbin for all.

Finally, the tusks were the most fun - the fabric is a white Fairy Frost!  So they sparkle a little.  But wait, there's more!  I laid down Razzle Dazzle #8 weight metallic thread (Superior) in the Icicles color around the edges of the tusks.  Then couched it with a light zig zag stitch with white Invisafil.  That gives the edges of the tusks a little dimensional ridge and more sparkle. 
The judge mentioned the variety of thread in their comments on the piece and awarded it Reserve Best of Class! 
I tell people all of the time - have fun with all these great threads!!  If you're only using one thing, you're missing a lot of the creativity of quilting! 

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Yakima! Let's talk thread! August 19th!

Next up, the Yakima Valley Quilters Guild meeting on August 19th!  They have graciously invited me to come and talk about THREAD - fiber content and weight, with lots of examples and tips/tricks!

Are you confused about quilting thread?  Or just want a refresher?  Or you know a lot about thread and you just want to shop?  We have you covered!

I'll be in Yakima in plenty of time for you to stock up on your favorites and to maybe learn a "little something".  I learn things about thread every day and I have been quilting since 1976...

So come and enjoy an evening with that gracious group, the Yakima Valley Quilters Guild.  And get ready for a winter of quilting with plenty of the threads you need on hand.  I'm bringing a great selection!

Here's the link:

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Lazy Daze of Summer - Shop Hop! All locations in Snohomish County! August 7-8-9

Some of your FAVORITE show and online vendors from NW Washington have collaborated to create a GREAT shop hop experience for you! 

All of the information you need is on this web site:

Lazy Daze of Summer

Participating vendors:

Quilter's Coop
Treasures from Treadles
Bear Paw Quilts
Back Porch Quilting
Quilter's Roost
Log Cabin Retreats
and Threadmongers!!

More good news - Threadmongers will be at the Log Cabin Retreat site.  So even tho there are seven vendors, there are only six locations!  Pack up your quilting friends and take an easy road trip!

And the weather promises to be more "moderate" August 7-8-9 instead of the heat wave we have been battling... 

Stop in and pick up your block pattern and basic kit from each participating vendor - combine them all for a sweet basket-themed quilt to remember this fun event. 

Here is the Threadmongers block:

Watch for more information on this site this week - including a sample quilt layout of the seven blocks, and detailed instructions with photos for the kitty in the basket block!