Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Quilters Anonymous! March 16-17-18 in Monroe!

Head on out to Monroe and the Evergreen State Fairgrounds for the Quilters Anonymous show this weekend!  This is a BIG show with lots of quilts, demos, vendors, and inspiration!

Easy to find - go east on Highway 2 until you see the signs!

Threadmongers will be there with more Aurifil 50 than you ever imagined.  I also have the popular InvisiFil from WonderFil and the new MicroQuilter from Superior.

Thinking of trying prewound bobbins?  Lots in stock, including Class 15, L style, and M style (for the longarmers).  You need to know what size bobbin YOUR machine takes so check your owner's manual before you head out to Monroe.

AND...Saturday is National Quilting Day!  What better weekend to celebrate quilting? 

You need thread!

Here's the link: