Sunday, August 31, 2014

Fall 2014 - West Sound Quilters quilt show - and beyond!!

There are some GREAT quilt shows coming up this fall, and Threadmongers will be on hand at these fine festivities:

West Sound Quilters - Bremerton "Color My World"                     September 5-6
Sea Pals Ocean Shores "A Whale of a Quilt Show"                     September 19-20-21
Cabin Fever Quilters - Port Townsend                                         September 26-27
La Conner Quilt Fest                                                                     October 3-4-5
Crystal Quilters of Enumclaw                                                        October 10-11
Block Party Quilters - Issaquah                                                     November 7-8-9

I will tell you that these are some of the most fun shows of the year - the Crystal Quilters show is new for Threadmongers but if the enthusiasm of their members is any indication, they have a fabulous time, too! 

Our friends in Port Townsend only have a show in even-numbered years, so don't miss this one!!

If you are working with wool or thinking about sure and come to the Threadmongers booth where there will be LOTS of wool thread by both Aurifil and Genziana!!

Have you tried Invisifil, the amazing 100-weight poly thread by Wonderfil?  You need to try it and its companion product, Deco Bob, which is an 80-weight poly by Wonderfil. 

There's so much to discover about quilting thread.  Surely half the fun of quilting is the thread!  Well, you knew I would say that.

See you at these great shows!  ALWAYS support local/guild quilt shows.  You will make new friends, discover new techniques, and be inspired!

West Sound Quilters - Bremerton - Show theme is "Color my World". 
That HAS to be a classic quilter's theme!!