Monday, February 13, 2017

Kitsap Quilters present "Rhapsody in Blue" February 17-18, 2017!!

It's here!  A long, snowy winter has its reward - the Kitsap Quilter's show!!  First show of the season and we're all eager to get out there and see the beautiful work the Kitsap Quilters have created since last February.

So as we count down to the show opening on Friday, quilters are getting ready to admire and inspire!  Come on out to the Kitsap County Fairgrounds this weekend.  Easy parking, easy access, always a festive mood.  Those Kitsap Quilters take seriously their responsibility for holding the first show of the season and they are ready to make sure you have a great time!

Here's the link:

Threadmongers will be there, along with so many of your favorite vendors.  We are ready to help you finish your current project and start the next one! 

Supporting local guild quilt shows assures that there will always be someone in your community who is quilting and passing on the knowledge of the craft.  Plus, quilt guilds do so much good works for those who need some comfort - in your neighborhood! 

Come and see The Threadmonger at the Kitsap County Fairgrounds this weekend - YOU NEED THREAD!!!

Thursday, February 9, 2017


Here we are at the beginning of the "quilt show year"!  I have already seen promotional materials for many shows in Washington State and Lower British Columbia; it looks like a GREAT year for quilt show lovers!!

If you are looking for one more way - or two - to promote your show, here is a post I put up in 2012 to help guilds publicize their shows.  There are so many ideas - find the ones that suit your show and use them!  Quilters want to find you!

These are strategies that work for my guild and other guilds I know.  Please feel free to use them in the planning and execution of your fun quilting events!  We all want quilters and quilt-appreciators to have a GREAT time at your show!