Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Yakima! Let's talk thread! August 19th!

Next up, the Yakima Valley Quilters Guild meeting on August 19th!  They have graciously invited me to come and talk about THREAD - fiber content and weight, with lots of examples and tips/tricks!

Are you confused about quilting thread?  Or just want a refresher?  Or you know a lot about thread and you just want to shop?  We have you covered!

I'll be in Yakima in plenty of time for you to stock up on your favorites and to maybe learn a "little something".  I learn things about thread every day and I have been quilting since 1976...

So come and enjoy an evening with that gracious group, the Yakima Valley Quilters Guild.  And get ready for a winter of quilting with plenty of the threads you need on hand.  I'm bringing a great selection!

Here's the link:

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